Total populace Reaches Seven Billion

On October 31, 2011 the total populace arrived at 7 billion. Despite the fact that no one knows precisely where this extraordinary infant was conceived, odds are that it originates from Asia. It took until the Industrial Revolution toward the start of the 19 th century for the total populace …

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The World Trade Center – From Construction to 9/11

The World Trade Center was worked by the American modeler Minoru Yamasaki in the late 1960s and mid 1970s. At their opening in 1972 they were the world’s tallest structures. They were more than 400 meters tall and were made of 200,000 tons of steel. Each tower had 110 stories …

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The travel industry in Egypt Decreasing Since the Revolution

The travel industry has consistently been one of the greatest financial factors in Egypt. Individuals from around the globe have been filling the North African nation to see its rich culture, its authentic destinations and its complexities. Many come to Red Sea resorts for occasions where they can go washing, …

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