Squabble About Nile River Water

African countries along the Nile River are quarreling over water privileges of the world’s longest waterway. Up to now Egypt and Sudan have been permitted a large portion of the stream’s water. The Blue Nile begins in the good countries of Ethiopia, perhaps the most unfortunate nation on the planet. …

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Singapore – World’s Most Expensive City

Singapore is the world’s most costly city – for the second time in succession. The British magazine The Economist looked at more than 130 of the world’s significant urban areas. Paris, Oslo and Zurich follow the Southeast Asian city as the most costly urban communities on the planet. The investigation …

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Saudi Arabia Plans World’s Tallest Skyscraper

Saudi Arabia is anticipating building the world’s tallest high rise , the Jeddah Tower. It will be the main structure on the planet to arrive at a stature of more than 1000 meters, considerably higher than the 827-meter Burj Khalifa , which is the world’s tallest design structure right now. …

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